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Is an ICT services establishment and strengthening project implemented by Bukuru Tech. The project goal is to increase the ability of growing organizations to reach a big number of people by enhancing their visibility and operation through ICT services.

The support comes in two packages, support to the internal operation of the organization through the establishment or strengthening of administration/management systems or to bridge the gap between the organization and beneficiaries or organization and other partners by designing, developing and managing websites for free to advance visibility and connectivity.

Project Duration

Phase one is expected to be in 6 months from September 2022 to March 2023.


A total of 10 NGOs are expected to directly benefit from the project and an indirect multiplier benefit to more than 10 thousand people reached by these NGOs.

Eligibility of NGO to receive the support

  • A registered NGO in Tanzania

  • An NGO not more than 2 years old at the time of application

  • An active NGO with demonstrated ongoing activities and previous reports

  • Youth-led or woman-led organizations

  • NGOs working in health, gender, education, agriculture, environment, socio-economic empowerment, children.

Application process

Interested and qualified NGOs shall have to express their interest which shall be subjected to a searching process in a merit basis. Applications shall be ongoing throughout the project and responses will be communicated in 14 working days from the day of application.

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